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Poliรงa and their two drummers. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

This kid.
That cottage in the woods I’ve always dreamed of.
The first of the 17 Schulz cousins got married this weekend! The weekend was complete with a farm wedding in the family barn, country music only at the reception, and two step lessons for the Schulz boys. Congratulation Mr. And Mrs. Steven Greilach!
I remember playing a lot of soccer as a child. I had the chance to be a water boy for an international team on a trip through Ireland when I was 12. They played matches and we put on some soccer camps. Each and every kid lived for the game. They had jerseys, knew the players, the standings, and they cheered for a match in a way I had never seen. I came back home and the MLS was still in its infancy. Seattle didn’t have a team. Most of my country saw soccer as a fun way to keep little kids active and busy on the weekend. I wanted to watch the EPL on TV every Saturday so badly. I hoped for the day the rest of the country would fall in love with my first love. This past weekend I found myself at the @soundersfc match cheering incessantly with what must have been 50,000 other people. I couldn’t have been happier. Oh yeah. We won 2-0. Well done, gents.  (at CenturyLink Field)
|| Growth brings perspective ||
You already know… (at Smith Cove)
Summer days at the lake. ๐Ÿ‘‹ (at Greenlake Running Trail)
Golfed in the rain today. I’ll take it.