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Ok, Seattle. Now you’re just showing off. And I like it.
After being in today’s New York Times, Danny and Mr. Fox have just one question for everyone. Do you like to party?! #ifoxwitit #ballardhomestead (at Ballard Homestead)
Advice from my father. Find the one thing you really really don’t want to do, or is going to be the most difficult. Then do that. Conquer that same hill everyday.
DUFBO (at Fremont Bridge)
Did you hear?! @michaelgiroux and @stacilynnsreal got married!! This guy loved the wedding. He especially loved the dance party afterward. (at Moooooooo)
Sounders match tonight with @m_kaemingk. My heart’s already racing watching warmups. (at Club Level Loft)
"I thought how lovely and how strange a river is. A river is a river, always there, and yet the water flowing through it is never the same water and is never still. It’s always changing and is always on the move. And over time the river itself changes too. It widens and deepens as it rubs and scours, gnaws and kneads, eats and bores its way through the land. Even the greatest rivers- the Nile and the Ganges, the Yangtze and the Mississippi, the Amazon and the great grey-green greasy Limpopo-must have been no more than trickles and flickering streams before they grew into mighty rivers.
Are people like that? I wondered. Am I like that? Always me, like the river itself, always flowing but always different, like the water flowing in the river…”

Aidan Chambers
My guys! A @ballardhomestead night on the town is basically non-stop laughter. Tonight will not soon be forgotten.
Oh. Hey Seattle. You look nice.
It’s @benschuyler’s birthday! Everybody celebrate! When I think of Ben I think of all the ways he reminds me that I can become a better person. He’s so nice, so hilarious, so welcoming, so forgiving, and so laid back. Love you, brother.  (at Ballard Homestead)